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Roofing of schoolyard / courtyard garden

We received this enquiry from the client:

"Our school has a courtyard garden. To turn it into a pleasant, outdoor recreation area for our students, we want to have it covered with an attractive, functional, textile roof covering measuring about 25 x 25 m."

At present, we have a temporary solution, but this does not meet our wishes and requirements for the long term.

Tijdelijke schoolpein overkapping

In response to this enquiry, we visited the client and the location, and created a design based on our findings.

You can see the design and the visualisations of it below. The design has a number of special features, which are explained below.

1. Modulair

A  POV® roof is modular and can be extended later. This can easily be done by adding connectors, to which one or more POV® construction elements can be attached. A complete POV® roof can therefore be built in phases; for example, in order to spread investment costs over several years.

Modulaire schoolplein overkapping

2. Temporary, semi-permanent or permanent

A POV® roof can be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent in use. This means the POV® roof can be created as a permanent structure, and can therefore remain standing under all weather conditions.

3. Flexible in use

A POV® roof is flexible and universal in use. A POV® roof is constructed of separate sheet segments that are braced into the frame all round with stainless steel springs.

These sheets are easy to remove or move around. Depending on use, the (weather) conditions and the season, sheets can be added or left out, and you can install watertight sheets or just gauze sheets (as sun screens).

It’s even possible to install soundproofing sheets in POV®! For more information on soundproofing sheets, see our website:

A POV® roof can also be fitted on the inside with braced panels to create several separate spaces under the roof.

4. Optimal for use in all seasons

By "playing" with the attachment of various types of sheet to the POV® frame, depending on use, the season and the weather conditions, the POV® courtyard roof can always be used optimally.

4.1 Watertight tarpaulins

For full protection against sun and rain, you can opt for a dense tarpaulin that is watertight. For this purpose, we use top-quality Soltis Proof tarpaulins from Serge Ferrari. You can find the specifications and colour options via the link below:

Soltis Proof 502

4.2 Transparent ETFE sheeting

As an alternative to a watertight but opaque tarpaulin, you can opt for completely transparent ETFE sheeting. You can find examples of ETFE sheeting projects on our website: Single-layer ETFE roofs.

The use of transparent ETFE sheeting for roof membranes in numerous first-row segments allows for the retention of a clear view to the outside from the former underground bicycle park (which now houses classrooms), with little or no obstruction of daylight.

Also, the use of transparent ETFE sheeting for the roof membranes means that the view of the courtyard from above is retained. There is therefore visual contact with the students who are under the roof.

More information about ETFE sheeting can be found via the link below:

Nowoflon ET 6235 Z

ETFE sheeting allows about 95% of light through, including UV light. It is also possible to use ETFE sheeting with an IR blocker, which blocks a large proportion of the UV light and, more importantly, the infrared part of the spectrum (so that it does not get so hot under the roof).

Nowoflon ET 6235 Z-IR

4.3 Sunlight-reflecting sheets

One can also opt for sunlight-reflecting (gauze) sheets which repel sunlight and heat radiation. These sheets are open in structure, and are therefore not windproof or waterproof, allowing air to pass through. This means that the space below gets extra ventilation.

For sunlight-reflecting sheets, we us the Soltis and Frontside view qualities of Serge Ferrari.

You can find the specifications and colour options for these on our website:

Soltis Perform 92

Frontside View 381

Examples of projects in which sunlight-reflecting gauze sheets have been used can be found on our website:

5. Easy to fit with solar panels

The POV® construction profile is suitable for mounting the brackets to hold solar panels. This means you can very easily add solar panels to a POV® plaza roof.

6. Can be fully integrated into the environment

The entire skin of the POV® roof can be printed in any pattern you wish. You can therefore ensure that the POV® merges completely into its surroundings!

You can find examples of POV® textile skin printed in full colour on our website:

A POV® textile skin is printed in full colour to the highest quality possible, with a 10-year warranty on colour fastness! More information about the printing process can be found at: printable.nl.

You can find examples of the use of this printing technique on braced textile membranes on our website:

7. Various foundation methods

Depending on the situation, the use, and the substrate, the foundation of the POV® roof can be laid in a variety of ways. Examples of the possible foundation principles can be found on our website: POV® anchoring and foundations

Fundering overkapping

8. No anchoring or tensioning cables

A POV® roof can simply be upheld by the vertical supports, requiring no tensioning cables.

Tensioning cables can restrict use, and are undesirable in spaces with a lot of traffic where people are to be found on a daily basis.

Examples of roofs for which anchoring cables have been used can be found on our website:

Engineering and dimensions

design canopy

canopy design schoolyard


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