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Lightweight textile architecture for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent use.

We design, develop, engineer, manufacture and assemble lightweight structures and awnings made of sailcloth, textile or sheeting. These include stretched membrane structures, silo covers, ETFE air cushion roofs, single-layer ETFE roofs, textile facade cladding, balustrade cladding, stretch ceilings and stretch walls (which can be used to control acoustics).

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Flexible smart products, inflatable or otherwise, and custom solutions made from sheeting or technical textiles for industrial applications.

We develop, manufacture and assemble bespoke solutions and products made of sailcloth, sheeting or technical textiles for industrial applications. Examples include lifting cushions, catch bags for righting HGVs, inflatable valves, sewer valves, inflatable floats, expansion joints, inflatable work platforms, inflatable marine airbags for moving ships, mobile liquid-proof floors, acoustic walls and cladding and much more. If you have a problem, ask us what we can do to solve it!

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Lightweight demountable solutions using sailcloth, sheeting and textiles for events, trade fairs, exhibitions, hospitality and festivals.

We conceive, develop, manufacture and assemble bespoke solutions and products made of sailcloth, sheeting or technical textiles for the events and hospitality sectors.

Examples include the POV (Modular Mesh House), inflatable artworks, flex tents, stretch tents, hospitality tents, modular beach tents, pavilions, festival tents, queue awnings, sports court canopies and much more.

All these applications are lightweight, prefabricated, demountable, and their compactness makes them easy to store, ship and assemble all over the world.

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Buitink Technology Buitink Technology

Interesting facts about Buitink Technology

Did you know that:

  • Our products are very sustainable in numerous ways?
  • We sell our products all over the world?
  • More than 70% of what we make is exported?
  • We have existed continuously since 1948?
  • We are the world’s largest manufacturer of landing bags and catch bags?
  • We are among the world’s top three manufacturers of low-pressure lifting cushions?
  • We are among the world’s five largest manufacturers of inflatable floats and underwater flotation bags?
  • Every working day, our team of 35 people designs, develops, manufactures and assembles sailcloth, sheeting and technical textile products?
  • We have modern production facilities in Duiven and Romania?
  • We manufacture all the products you see on our website?
  • We design and arrange for the extrusion of our own aluminium profiles?
  • Besides our two modern sail-making facilities, we have an extremely well-equipped metal workshop?