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Buitink Technology is specialized in the development, production, delivery and installation of products and turn key solutions where canvas, foil and technical textiles are involved.

1. Our business premises

Buitink Technology head office is located at the Graafstaete business park in Duiven.

Drone video of our building

2. Our team

You can see photos of our office staff with name and contact details here.

3. Main activity

Buitink Technology focuses on two market segments: construction/architecture and industry.

3.1 Construction, architecture, and art

The (technical) design, production and assembly of textile architecture and (lightweight) art objects, in connection with which we offer our customers a high degree of design input and technical support.

Examples include tensioned membrane constructions, ETFE air cushion roofs, stretch ceilings, stretch walls and textile façade coverings.

3.2 Industry

Creating and developing smart, well thought-out solutions and (custom) products from flexible plastics for industrial purposes. Examples include lifting cushions, inflatable floats, inflatable valves, flexible connections (compensators), bellows, mobile liquid-proof floors and flexible hoses.

4. Our mission

We want to help our customers by providing solutions to technically complex problems that enable them to work more efficiently and/or effectively, or to realise and implement a challenging idea, concept or design.

And we do all of this with flexible plastics: sailcloth, sheeting and/or technical textiles.

5. Our promise

We devise and create a smart solution in flexible plastic for your challenging and technically complex problem!

Do you have a challenging idea, concept, or design and wonder how it can be realised? We make this a reality using flexible plastics!

6. What is important to us?

  • We live up to our agreements;
  • We do not give up, we are persistent, and we keep going until we find a solution;
  • We like to take on challenges and love to innovate and develop;
  • We have fun together at work and ensure a good atmosphere;
  • We do not want dissatisfied customers;
  • We get to work and put our shoulders to the wheel together;
  • We go for quality, always;
  • We think in terms of solutions;
  • We believe it is important to do business in a sustainable way;
  • We work in a cost-conscious manner and actively combat waste;
  • We treat machines and tools with respect and with due diligence.

7. History Buitink Technology

Buitink Technology started in 1949. In the period after world war 2 many goods were transported through horse wagons. In this period there was an increasing demand for horse saddles. Based on this demand Mr. H. B. Buitink , founder of Buitink, started a saddlery in 1949 in Klarenbeek in Holland.

Soon besides saddles he produced also canvas, which was initially primarily used in the paper industry. Gradually the product portfolio was extended towards production of canvas, tents and canopies. Buitink also started maintenance activities. Horse wagons were replaced by trucks so the production moved towards canvas for trucks.

Till 1998 Buitink Technology was located in Apeldoorn. However the activities increased and more space was needed. Buitink moved to a new facility in Duiven. In 2007 was a management buy-out as the owner did not have a successor in the family. In 2009 Buitink Technology moved to a new facility again (location: Typograaf 1 in Duiven) where it it still is established. Nowadays 60-70% of the turn over of Buitink Technology is realized abroad.

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Buitink Technology is a resourceful company with original ideas and ingenious products. Call Buitink Technology: +31 316 25 08 30, email: [email protected] or leave your contact information:

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