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Mobile floor with side walls

Buitink Technology is specialized in producing tailor made mobile liquid tight floors.

For the assembly facility of Tesla in Tilburg (Holland) we delivered several liquid tight floors with on both sides an integrated wall. The walls are sealed liquid tight to the floor. The walls enable to collect splashed water during car wash to be removed through the water tight floor.


Various side wall configurations possible

We usually deliver liquid tight floors with fixed liquid tight side walls. However the side walls can be deliverd too as removable separating walls or as a sliding curtain system.

An example of a mobile cleaning area having walls of technical textile, in combination with extrusion profiles is shown below:


Mobile Wash Place with walls and roof

We deliver and install as well (removable) water tight roof systems, made of canvas. A complete wash cabin for cleaning machines, cars and/or trucks is build from a water tight floor combined with side walls, a roof construction and sliding curtains. The system still is flexible; it is mobile, can be disassembled and be relocated easily.

A good example (as shown in the images below), is a watertight Decontamination and Cleaning Unit. Read more >


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