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Acoustic ETFE ceiling panels

Buitink Technology did the engineering, production and delivery of 20 light ceiling panels for restaurant "The Best Place" at the campus of Phillips Healthcare in Best (The Netherlands).

Standard ceiling elements are alternated with transparent and sound-absorbing lightweight ceiling panels, of which Buitink Technology delivered 20 pieces.


Translucent panels

Translucent (light-permeable) ceiling panels of Buitink Technology are composed of an aluminum framework with on top of it a tensioned transparent ETFE foil and below a translucent diffuse and sound-absorbing fabric (Alphalia Silent AW Lux).


Project data

Panel size:
2.40 x 1.16 m
Material upper side:      
ETFE foil
Material down side: Alphalia Silent AW Lux van Serge Ferrari            
Client: Philips Healthcare
Architect: Inbo BV
Main contractor: Strukton Worksphere BV
ETFE light ceilings: Buitink Technology
Year of installation: 2020

Materials ceiling panels

More info about materials of construction can be found on our web site:

Alphalia Silent Aw

ETFE foil


Engineering ceiling panels



Philips Healthcare, Veenpluis 6, Best



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