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Modular inflatable boat ramp

Buitink Technology has developed a modular inflatable boat ramp, which can for example be used to launch floating solar panels.

Floating solar panel systems, floating work platforms or vessels often have to be launched in inhospitable locations that are situated far from the nearest port.

This means that in order to reach the water, solar panels or vehicles often have to be transported long distances over surfaces that are difficult to access, rocky, uneven and hard.

To solve this problem Buitink Technology has developed an inflatable boat ramp which is modular (consisting for example of modules of 8 x 5 metres, or any other module size that you require).

Modules supplied in easy-to-handle packages

The rolled-up inflatable modules are delivered to your location in relatively small, easy-to-handle packages, then rolled out, connected together and inflated. Depending on the size of the selected modules, it may be possible to do all of the assembly work manually, without requiring heavy machinery such as a crane, forklift truck or cherry picker.

The base of the inflatable modules is protected by highly durable coated aramid fibres, offering extremely high puncture resistance, to prevent the modules from leaking or being damaged by sharp edges (for instance by rocks).

Because the panels are inflatable and rigid when filled with air, they can easily bridge gaps between the rocks below.

Inflated boat ramp panels

Once the panels are inflated and filled with air, they create a smooth surface or base to work on, for example to transport and launch a system of floating solar panels.

Can also be used as a floating work platform

A special feature of this inflatable boat ramp is that the ramp (or individual modules) can also be used as a floating work platform. Rather than rolling out the system over rocks or the ground, it can be launched into the water too. This means that an individual module can for example serve as an inspection platform, enabling you to inspect floating solar panels.

Advantages of our inflatable boat ramp

An inflatable boat ramp from Buitink Technology offers many advantages over conventional alternatives (such as building a hard structure on the rocks or on uneven ground):

  • Weight saving of more than 90%;
  • The operating and other costs are a fraction of those for a conventional boat ramp structure;
  • After use, the modules can be deflated, detached, then rolled up/folded up and moved to another location;
  • The system can be rolled out in inhospitable and difficult-to-access locations without requiring any heavy machinery;
  • It can be used on almost any uneven, rocky ground;
  • The system is modular and delivered to your location in relatively small packages;
  • The modules can also be used in the water as a floating work platform;
  • Customisation is relatively easy: for example, buoyancy can be adapted, as well as shape/layout etc.

Engineering opblaasbare modulaire matrassen

Inflatable boatramp


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