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POV Modular Mesh House

We proudly present to you the iconic designed POV®: the ideal location and base for office, recreation, living, working, relaxing or holiday.

Iconic design and personal

The POV® makes surrealism a reality and stands for design, experience, comfort and sustainability.

Our design features an exciting, semi-transparent second skin facade, which encloses the underlying space like an envelope and gives the whole a surreal and mysterious appearance.

This second skin facade can also be fully personalized: the outer skin can be made in many colors and materials and can also be printed as desired.

In that way, you can use every POV® to blend in with its surroundings or to make it stand out from the crowd!



Sustainable and comfortable

POV® is synonymous with comfort thanks among other things to the high insulating properties and the second skin facade. The POV® is extremely comfortable and suitable for use during all seasons or even for permanent living. Not only in Europe, but also far beyond!

POV® is sustainable:

  • The construction consists of a sustainable timber frame construction (FSC certified);
  • The insulation value is very high: For example, POV® Lodge has an (average) U-value of 0.42 W/m2 K;
  • The inner walls, outer wall and second skin facade are made of lightweight, durable coated fabric by Serge Ferrari;
  • A second skin facade/climate facade is standard;
  • The power consumption is optionally regulated by means of a smart grid;
  • Solar panels are available as an option.

The second skin facade (climate facade) with which each POV® is equipped consists of a gauze cloth that is stretched at a distance from the underlying construction.

Not only does this create an iconic, distinctive, double-curved and unique shape, but this climate facade has even more advantages:

  • Less heating in winter;
  • Lower cooling load in summer;
  • No direct radiation of sunlight through the windows in the side walls;
  • The windows can be opened, without any direct strong wind or rain being able to blow in.

Multifunctional and modular

POV® has a modular structure and offers endless possibilities. We've already thought of six for you: POV® Room, POV® Studio, POV® Cosy, POV® Lodge, POV® Cover and POV® Office.

A POV® is made up of standard modules and all sizes are geared towards transport by means of trailers and/or standard sea containers. In that way, the POV® can be delivered anywhere in the world.

You have complete freedom to determine the setup of a POV®. If you'd like, our specialists can help you with this.

We have already made a number of impressions for you! These can be found later on in the brochure.

The outer shell (second skin facade) can also be ordered as a separate element and then serves as a patio roof or canopy: the POV® Cover.

The POV® feels at home everywhere.

Components and specifications

All features, components and specifications can be found here:

POV® Brochure

POV logo

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