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Shoreliner waste collection system

On behalf of engineering office Tauw, Buitink Technology contributed to improve the Shoreliner: a waste collection system in sea ports. Furthermore Buitink Technology produced an improved version of the so called "floating tubes": changed details of the design and selected a different material of construction.

Collect floating waste

Often water in coastal harbors are heavily polluted. Floating waste accumulates along the shores. The Shoreliner is a floating collector with canvas submerged in the water to about 50 cm. This float collects both (plastic) waste and micro-plastics and guides the collected waste to a collection and removal unit.

Pictures above are taken in the coatal harbour of Stavoren.

Design floating waste collector

Engineering office Tauw improved the design of the Shoreliner in Stavoren based on previous experience and elaborated the design together with Buitink Technology and Van Kaam from Zaanstad. Tauw was responsible for the full project covering design, license application and execution. The Shoreliner amongst others is realized through a financial contribution of the Tauw Foundation.

3D visualisation of the tube

Tekening Shoreliner

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