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Inflatable work platform XXXL

In addition to its existing features, we offer enhanced capabilities to cater to larger silos and provide even more flexibility. For silos with diameters up to 30 meters, we can incorporate inflatable poles/tubes supported by the ground or bottom surface in a grid pattern of six meters.

These inflatable poles/tubes, with a diameter of approximately one meter, provide additional support for the inflatable disc-shaped platform. By sliding along these tubes, the platform can be easily adjusted to the desired height, ensuring optimal working conditions.


Equip platform with band/fixation points

Alternatively, we can equip the platform with band/fixation points on its surface. These points serve as connection points for suspension lines that are attached to the edge of the silo. By utilizing this grid of six meters, the platform can be securely suspended at various heights, offering utmost stability and safety for workers.

With these pole and suspension line options, the inflatable work platform achieves unparalleled adaptability, enabling it to accommodate a wide range of silo sizes and configurations. Whether you require a compact solution or need to tackle extensive silos, Buitink's inflatable work platform provides the utmost versatility.

Construction of large silo using inflatable work platform XXL

Engineering and structural analysis

We have structurally calculated an inflatable work platform from Buitink Technology with a diameter of 20 metres. You can view this calculation as pdf:

Engineering platform XXXL

In summary, the conclusion of this analysis is that the proposed inflatable work platform, when designed according to the outlined specifications and safety measures, can safely carry persons with a maximum load of 150 kg, including equipment. The internal pressure of the platform ensures safe positioning and anchoring in the tank.

Of course, we can design the platform according to your specific requirements and wishes. For example, if you need a different point load or maximum load, we can see if that is possible and work out a proposal.

The structural analysis we carried out evaluates the feasibility and safety of Buitink Technology's inflatable work platform. Here are the key points:

  • Buitink Technology has developed a proof of concept inflatable working platform for installation in tanks, with a diameter of 3m.
  • To extend the platform concept to a larger tank of 20m, it assumes a drop-stitch textile floor supported by inflatable columns.
  • The support principle of the platform relies on the internal pressure pushing the platform against the tank wall.
  • The analysis considers various factors such as pressures, forces, stresses and deflections to assess the structural integrity of the platform.
  • The selected internal pressure of 500 mbar provides a safety margin of 4 compared to the maximum inflation pressure of 2000 mbar.
  • The double-layer floor panel with drop stitching was modelled and evaluated for self-weight and distributed loads.
  • The analysis shows that the platform deforms at self-weight with acceptable deflection and stresses within the safety margins.
  • Under a distributed load of 10 kg/m2, the stress increases but still remains within acceptable limits.
  • The analysis also includes the effects of point loads simulating people walking on the platform and shows acceptable deformation and stresses within safety margins.
  • It recommends supporting the textile platform at regular intervals, maintaining an internal pressure of 500 mbar and placing the work area within 3 m of the perimeter for optimal stability.

Work zone and crossing zone

Safety first

When using the Buitink Technology inflatable work platform, safe working naturally comes first. Every situation is different and must be considered and assessed individually by specialists.

You can view a draft example of a work plan/ method statement and a TRA (Task Risk Analysis) for the inflatable work platform as pdf:

TRA platform XXXL

The work plan/ method statement shows a comprehensive approach to safely installing, accessing and using the inflatable platform. It addresses potential hazards and provides risk mitigation measures. Safety protocols are further enhanced by the inclusion of emergency plans and rescue procedures.

Key points from the work plan

These are the key points from the work plan/ method statement and task risk analysis we created as an example for the Buitink inflatable work platform:

  1. Introduction: The document describes the work plan for using the inflatable work platform in silos, tanks and cylindrical spaces. It emphasises the need for trained and experienced operators and stresses that this method statement should be used in conjunction with specific training and risk assessments.

  2. System layout: The working platform can be placed at any height by friction with the tank walls. Inflatable support "poles" are used for larger diameter tanks. Operators working on the platform must be attached to a separate safety system at all times.

  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE): Minimum personal protective equipment includes a helmet for working at height (EN12492) and a harness for working at height (EN361).

  4. Anchoring devices: Anchoring devices used to secure the safety system must comply with the requirements of EN795 and have a minimum breaking strength of 12 kN.

  5. Access and exit system: Access to and exit from the platform should be by a suitable method that ensures easy access and efficient evacuation in an emergency. Examples include an access ladder with a separate fall arrest line or a rope-based access system.

  6. Manoeuvring on the platform: Operators must be attached to the safety system at all times. Vertical and horizontal lanyards are used for fall protection and movement. Lines and anchoring devices should comply with relevant safety standards.

  7. Operator training recommendations: Operators should receive basic training on working at height, product-specific training for the inflatable work platform and training on the safety system. Additional training may be required based on the complexity of the installation and use.

  8. Method Statement: The document describes the steps for installing the platform, adjusting the height of the platform, working range for several days and uninstalling the platform. Each step includes safety checks and precautions.

  9. Emergency planning: An emergency planning procedure is given, including identification of scenarios, appropriate evacuation/rescue methods, required equipment, team size and competence, communication methods and training/exercise requirements. Typical emergency scenarios are also mentioned.

  10. A template for a rescue plan is given, including rescue methods, equipment, communication and an outline for visualisation.



Specification platform ∅ 20m (XXXL)

  • Height of platform when inflated is 34 cm.
  • Pole/tube diameter +/- 100 cm.
  • Height of poles/tubes depending on height of silo(s).
  • Platform and poles/tubes roll up separately.
  • Parts can be delivered empty and rolled up through manhole.

Many possibilities

As we have developed the Buitink inflatable work platform entirely in house and also produce it ourselves, we can provide tailor-made solutions. Below, we show you a few other top applications of the inflatable platform for inspiration.

We solve it with a lightweight flexible solution!
since 1948


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