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Lifting device for broken trailer props

Buitink Technology developed a lifting unit to lift truck trailers with so-called "broken legs".

A trailer of which its front legs have been broken or damaged is difficult to re-connect to a truck. It has to be lifted to put it back in upright/horizontal position.

The deflated lifting unit is placed underneath the trailer. Layer by layer the unit is inflated with air. Once touching the trailer it lifts the trailer until it is in an upright position to put it on a support. The truck can be hooked up to the trailer again.

Visual presentation lifting unit

Below graphics show the operation of the lifting unit.

Inflatable lifting unit

An inflatable lifting unit consists of 4 compartments (sections), each with a height of 330 mm. Each compartment has its own air compressor connection. The upper and lower side of the unit is provided with aramid reinforced canvas. It protects the unit against rugged ground surface below and uneven tension above.

The upper part of the unit is provided with pockets in which aluminum rectangular profiles can be placed (80x80x5 mm). The tubular profiles distribute the forces on the lifting cushion.

Each segment is equipped with an air connection having a "cam lock" quick-action coupling.


We offer a manifold with five air tube connections. Four connections to the lifting unit compartments and one connection to the air pump/compressor. Below is a picture of a manifold (a nine connection manifold is shown instead of five).

The manifold is provided with a connection for compressed air and for a connection to a gasoline engine driven air pump (air pump can be offered optionally). Included in the manifold offer are 4 air hoses (length 5 meters each) with quick-action couplings to connect the manifold to the lifting unit.

Optionally we offer a special compressed air connection that can be used as well for low-pressure evacuation (to quickly empty the cushions).

Air pump

We offer optionally to the lifting cushion system a gasoline engine driven air pump. It enables operating the system in an environment where no electricity or compressed air is available.

The pump is equipped with a stainless steel frame and housing. Optionally a "key start" can be provided. Besides, this pump can both supply air and evacuate the cushions (simply exchange the connection to the pump).

Trailers on (damaged) legs

Below is shown a number of pictures with trailers having broken or damaged legs.


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