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Salvage lift bags for boats and catamarans

Buitink Technology developed mobile, light weight salvage lift bags for boats and catamarans.

An inflatable lifting bag or tube is used for boats and catamarans to be lifted out of the water on any location. It enables direct maintenance and parts replacement at location. Often when a boat needs to be repaired no harbor with a boat lift is available nearby.

Laat alles drijven met Buitink Technology's flotation bags!

Enclosed flotation bag 3D interactive

The lifting system of Buitink Technology can be applied anywhere on the water to lift a (part of a) boat or catamaran out of the water.

Buitink Technology's inflatable elevator system is also designed so that the tubes can be used for both a boat and catamaran. So when you decide to purchase two tubes (with straps to connect them), you can use them to elevator both a boat and two individual catamarans out of the water.

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