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Inflatable lift-roll-float cushions

Buitink Technology develops and produces lifting cushions, roll cushions and inflatable floats.

For the recovery of stranded (sailing) yachts on (remote and hard-to-reach) beaches, Buitink Technology has combined its knowledge of these three product groups and developed a new universal salvage product: the inflatable lift-roll-floet cushion system.

When a (sailing) yacht is stranded on the beach and the water does not rise high enough at high tide to be able to sail away again, Buitink Technology's lift-roll-float cushion system can be used.

Example stranded boat

Boot op strand vastgelopen

What does our lift-roll drive system consist of?

A lift-roll-float system consists of several inflatable tubes 6 metres long, in different diameters. The tubes are fitted with pressure relief devices, air connections and aramid reinforcement where the tubes come into contact with the hull. A manifold with air pump can also be supplied.

A lift-roll-float system can be used using only manpower. No forklifts, cranes or something like that are needed.

lift-roll drive system

Usability of our inflatable lift-roll-drive system

The tubes can be used as a lifting cushion to first lift the ship a little and lift it out of the sand. Additional tubes can then be placed under the vessel, lifting it up further. After this, the ship can be tilted so that it lies on its side and the sword no longer sticks into the ground. The ship can then be rolled or wait until high or higher water so that the tubes will float and the ship can be pulled to open water.

In short, with a Buitink inflatable lift-roll-float system you can go in any direction and, depending on the situation, use it in several ways: to lift, to roll and/or to float or a combination of these.

The visualisations below show a possible roadmap to salvage a stranded vessel and bring it to open water.


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