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Inflatable evacuation system

Buitink Technology develops and makes inflatable floating dry-running and evacuation systems for water attractions and water courses.

If an emergency or calamity occurs during the use of a water attraction (e.g. fire during a boat ride), it must be possible to evacuate persons on the vessels immediately and quickly.

Even if there is a (technical) malfunction while the attraction is in operation, visitors must be able to safely exit the boats or craft.

In addition, it should be possible to conduct periodic evacuation drills, which should include leaving the boats and testing whether the evacuation plans are working properly.

With an inflatable dry run and evacuation system from Buitink Technology, water attractions can be exited quickly, dry and safely!

Buitink Technology's evacuation system consists of one or more inflatable (dry running) mattresses, normally located underwater and linked to a central air system.

In case of an exercise, calamity or malfunction requiring evacuation, the air system is activated and the dry-land mattresses are filled with air. This causes the mattresses to float to the surface, forming a very stable platform over which visitors can exit the boats dry within minutes.

Engineering escape mattress

Escape mattress

Old variant escape mattresses

For this type of inflatable evacuation system, we worked with an escape mattress that consisted of inflatable tubes.


A Buitink Inflatable Dry Running System for water attractions from Buitink Technology (BOD for short) has a number of significant advantages over alternative, conventional solutions, such as, for example, hydraulic systems with folding platforms or lift tables.

  • A Buitink Inflatable Dry-running System is compact, lightweight and easy to install;
  • A BOD has no risks related to environmental damage; the system is filled only with air and does not use (hydraulic) oil or grease and lubricants that could be released into the environment;
  • A BOD has very low maintenance costs, as there are no moving parts; no periodic maintenance is required except for checking the air system (which can be centrally located in an easily accessible and dry place);
  • A BOD mattress is stable over the entire surface, even along the edges and in the corners is stability and can stand;
  • A standard BOD from Buitink has a buoyancy of about 300 kg/ m2.
  • A BOD can be filled with air very quickly; if needed, the inflatable mattresses can be filled with air within minutes or even many times faster on demand.

Various types of escape mattresses

Custom made excape matresses

Frequently asked questions BOD

(BOD = Buitink Inflatable Dry Running System)

Does a BOD always have the same size?

Often every situation is different, which is why it is so nice that a BOD can be adapted to the environment in terms of size and shape.

Can recesses also be made in the BOD?

Yes the dimensions can be individually determined and recesses of any protruding landings or the like can also be included in the form the escape mattress.

Is a BOD even stable when you stand and walk on it?

Because the BOD is made of so-called coated spacer fabric, a very stable platform is created after filling with air. Several people can walk on this at the same time without compromising the stability of the platform. Even when getting close to the edges!

What kind of air system is needed for the BOD?

To fill the BOD with air, different types of air systems can be used. The existing compressed air system can be used in combination with a pressure reducer box. Or we can engineer and install a custom-made air system.

Can road signs be installed on the BOD?

Indication of walking lines or escape routes can be applied to the top of the escape mattresses in consultation with the client. The same applies, for example, to company logos or other forms of communication.

When does the BOD need maintenance?

Because the BOD is not a mechanical system with moving parts, there is virtually no maintenance required on the escape mattresses. Only the air system will require periodic maintenance planning.

What about vulnerability of a BOD?

The top of the escape mattress has sturdy material and in some cases even an anti-slip layer. This makes it a very robust product that can take a beating.

Are there any restrictions on the form of a BOD?

Basically, the shape of the escape mattress can be adapted to the contours of the wall or water attraction to which it is mounted. The thickness will always be the same across the entire platform, usually 33cm.

Is it a possibility to use the BOD in other ways as well?

Of course, with so much buoyancy, an inflatable platform, which the BOD in fact is, can also be used for other projects and industrial applications. There are many examples of this on our website.

What happens after a BOD is deployed and used in an emergency?

By deflating the escape mattress, it loses its buoyancy and slowly sinks back into its original position along the wall or attraction. By adding some weight to the mattress, this process can be accelerated if desired.


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