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Anti-jellyfish pool

Buitink Technology designs and develops products and applications for cruise ships, expedition ships and superchargers.

Operation of protected swimming environment

Buitink Technology has designed and produced an anti-jellyfish pool for a supercharger. This floating “pool” can be laid on the water (the sea) from the swimming platform and then inflated. This creates a protected swimming environment, eliminating the risk of coming into contact with jellyfish floating along just under the water surface.

As an option, the bottom of the pool can also be closed with a net, preventing any (larger) sea creatures entering the swimming environment from below.

Construction of protected swimming environment

The anti-jellyfish pool consists of an inflatable, tubular frame, under which a net (perhaps 3 meters deep) is suspended around the circumference to keep out jellyfish.

In this case, the tubular frame measures 4.5 x 4 meters (4 sides), but other dimensions are also possible because all the products we supply are produced in-house to the customer’s specification.

The tubular frame is fitted with an over pressure safety device and air connections, plus additional unscrewable venting valves (for deflation). These connections are located on the top of the tubular frame. The tubular frame can be parted where it meets the entry steps without the protective net being interrupted.

A net is suspended under the tubular frame. This net is fitted with clamping rings made of sea water resistant 316L stainless steel, between which the net is clamped and on which weights are hung.

These weights consist of stainless steel (316L) tubes filled with concrete (weighing about 10 kg). The tops of the weights have a suspension eye, to which a D-ring is attached. This D-ring can hook into the clamping ring in the net.

On one side, the tubular structure is attached to the hydraulic platform. For this purpose, the inflatable tube is equipped with a strip of canvas flap incorporating nylon clamping rings/flanges that drop across the vertical tubes.

An inflatable anti-jellyfish pool is supplied with a compact, easily portable, 230V air pump (including filter) with pressure regulator. This is housed in a 316K stainless steel casing incorporating a flexible hose that connects to the tubular frame.

This pump should be connected to the tubular frame, after which it is automatically brought to the correct pressure. When the tubular frame is in use (and hence inflated), the pump must remain connected so that air can be topped up automatically whenever the pressure decreases.

Engineering of the anti-jellyfish pool

Engineering of the anti-jellyfish pool

Buitink Technology and solutions for ships

Other examples of projects implemented by Buitink Technology for cruise ships or superchargers can be found on our website:

Why Buitink Technology

Why is Buitink Technology the right partner for you when it comes to producing lightweight applications for superchargers and (cruise) ships?

  • We are accustomed to developing and producing products destined for demanding situations, such as sea air, salt water and stormy weather.
  • We know the high quality standards required of products for yacht construction and for maritime applications.
  • We think in terms of lightweight solutions, we approach your inquiry from a variety of angles in order to solve it with a flexible solution!
  • By definition, our products are light in weight and, furthermore, are very compact for transport and storage. This makes them ideal for use on ships, where weight and space are extremely important!


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