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Sound absorbing expansion joints

Buitink Technology develops and manufactures flexible sound absorbing expansion joints. Do you have a process that causes lots of noise that reverberates through pipes or outside through a flexible joint? In that case we can offer you a solution: sound absorbing, sound insulating expansion joints customized to the size that you need.

Flexible sound absorber

A flexible sound absorber from Buitink Technology will reduce the contact and air noises emitted by a system or by pipes, thereby preventing noise nuisance.

Thermal insulation

Besides sound absorption, expansion joints and sleeves like this also have an insulating effect, helping to retain heat and cold. Do you need a sleeve or flexible joint that insulates well and for instance combats the cooling of process air at the site of the flexible joint? In that case, we can offer you the solutions you require.

Properties and specifications of materials used

The acoustic properties of Alphalia Silent AW by Serge Ferrari, which we use in our sleeves, can be found here:


Information about sound insulation and absorption and thermal insulation by polyester wool can be found here:


Contact Buitink Technology for any type of sound absorbing flexible joint, customised to the size you need.

Engineering and structure of sound insulating expansion joints

This flexible expansion joint is constructed from closed coated fabric, an absorbing/insulating film, acoustic wool with a thickness of 50 mm and an acoustic mesh fabric.

sound insulating expansion joints

Shapes and sizes

Any shape or size is possible with the flexible silencer from Buitink Technology!


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