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Shapes and sizes of expansion joints

We supply various shapes and sizes of sleeves and fabric expansion joints. Almost any shape or dimension of fabric expansion joint can be produces by Buitink Technology because everything is performed in house: from design to production.

We also make tapered sleeves and fabric expansion joints. It enables flexible connection between several types of equipment, machinery and piping.

E.g. connecting storage vessels with weighing platforms, mixers and feeding lines with dosing equipment, or any type of (pneumatic) powder discharge system where shape and size of connections are very different. In connecting different equipment often shape and dimensions of connections are different. Conical, tapered or graduated type of sleeve, bellow or fabric expansion joint of Buitink Technology is the ultimate solution.

Fabric expansion joint with or without flange



Examples fabric expansion joints with fixed length

Types of fabric expansion joints with variable length

Your required shape is not shown on this site? Contact us and we will find out whether your shape is technically feasible!

Fabric expansion joints for motion absorption

Besides the shape of the fabric expansion joint, the type and magnitude of motion to be absorbed is important.

A number of basic types of motion or combination of these types of motion does occur in practice. Important in design is to know what types of motion do occur in the application.

Below a number of possible types of motion are explained.

Fabric expansion joints for motion absorption

An axial motion is the length-axis expansion of a pipe system to be absorbed by the fabric expansion joint.

A lateral motion is an expansion perpendicular to the axis of the expansion joint.

An angular motion is an expansion where the joints are connected in an angle (= angular displacement).

A rotary motion is a rotational displacement of the fabric expansion joint..

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