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ETFE skylights walkway Bisonspoor

Buitink Technology made inflatable skylights in the new walkway of shopping centre Bisonspoor in Maarssen. It consists of 6 cushions having a surface area of about 30 sqm. Cushions with a very special and unique shape.

Why ETFE foil

ETFE foil is chosen as material of construction for the skylights due to its self cleaning properties, durability, high degree of transparency and above all for its extreme light weight.

Heat reflecting roof

The roof is consists of 4 layers of ETFE foil (3 air chambers). The outer layer is heat reflecting by using a special IR blocking foil. This foil is light transparent but blocks effectively solar heat transmission (see below graph ''T IR-cut'').

Below graph shows the relation between Transmission and Wavelength of light for standard foil (''T Standard natural") and IR blocking foil (''T IR-cut'').

Warmtewerend ETFE dak IR cut

  3 layer
ETFE clear
1 layer IR-cut /
2 layer ETFE clear
Direct energy transmission: 0,74 0,36
Radiation reflectance: 0,22 0,11
Light transmission grade: 0,71 0,44
Light reflection grade: 0,24 0,11
UV- transmission grade: 0,45 0,19
Solar heat gain coeffincient: 0,75 0,41

Project data inflatable cushions

Size: 30 sqm, 6 cushions
Materiaal: ETFE folil, transparant with infrared block      
Client: Wintertrust
Architect: Op ten Noort Blijdenstein
Main contractor: Bouwbedrijf aan de Stegge Twello BV
ETFE aircushion roof:    
Buitink Technology
Location: Bisonspoor, 3605 LB, Maarssen
year of construction: 2018


Bisonspoor, Maarssen

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