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ETFE air cushion dome for Krinkels

Buitink Technology delivered and mounted an ETFE air cushion dome for the new headquarters of "Krinkels" in Breda (Holland).

The headquarters is a two-story building. It's entrance is a circular atrium with a large round ETFE roof with a diameter of 7 meters. It offers free entrance of natural daylight. This atrium is the main centre of the building, characterized by the monumental tree "Ficus Amstel King". A symbol for the strong growth of the Krinkels group.

Why an ETFE aircushion dome

The dome has a free span of 7 meters and is composed of 4 foil layers (and thus 3 air chambers). ETFE foil is chosen as material of construction due to its durability:

  • 100% recycling of cutting waste;
  • expected lifetime of more than 30 years;
  • can be fully recycled;
  • limited use of materials and so very light weight (3 kg/ m2);
  • self-cleaning properties;
  • Fully transparent for the complete visible light spectrum and ultra violet.

To lower the g-value the top layer of the ETFE air cushion roof is coated with a solar reflective print.

Project data ETFE dome

Size: Diameter 7 meter
Material: ETFE foil, 4-layers (3 air chambers)
Print: 1 layer with dots pattern, 65% coverage
g-value: 0,36
U-value: 1,6 W/m2 K
Client: Krinkels BV
Main contractor: Winters Bouw & Ontwikkeling
ETFE aircushion dome: Buitink Technology
Year of execution: 2019


Westbroek 49B, Breda, The Netherlands


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