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Acoustic fins Port Neele-Vat Pernis

Buitink Technology has carried out the technical design, delivery and installation of acoustic fins for the new distribution centre and head office of Neele-Vat Logistics.

To ensure good acoustics in an aesthetically pleasing way in the office and canteen, we installed no less than 46 acoustic fins:

  • 24 fins measuring 3.6 m high x 1.14 m wide;
  • 14 fins measuring 8.4 m high x 1.14 m wide;
  • 4 fins measuring 3.6 m high x 0.58 m wide;
  • 4 fins measuring 3.6 m high  x 0.32 m wide.

Acoustic fins

Acoustic fabric

The fins are constructed from steel frames, which are stretched with acoustic fabric. 

Silent AW

Project data

Frame material: Steel, powder-coated
Material cloths: Alphalia Silent AW, Odessa 6842
Dudok Logistiek Vastgoed / Neele-Vat Logistics
Architect: RoosRos Architecs
Main contractor: De Vries en Verburg Bouw BV
Acoustic fins: Buitink Technology
Completion: 2022

Engineering acoustics improvement

Engineering acoustics improvement


The cloths for the acoustic fins, packed and ready for transport to the customer.

Mounting acoustic fins

Photos result

Location Neele-Vat

Seattleweg 3 | 3195  ND | Rotterdam-Pernis | Netherlands | Port: 2801

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