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Industrial zigzag sewing machine

Buitink Technology has a type HM866 heavy-duty, industrial zigzag sewing machine with a long arm, based on the Dürkopp Adler 967. This zigzag machine is fitted with all possible options and the stitches are freely programmable.

Double transport

The machine benefits from double transport, which is unique for a zigzag machine in this class. This means that in most cases it is not necessary to use a puller. If you do need a puller, we can fit your HM866 with a servo-driven puller linked to the stitch length mechanism. The optional needle cooling system is attached to the needle frame, so the needle never overheats.


Type HM866 sewing machine

The HM866 is based on the Dürkopp Adler 967 and features integrated direct drive and an optional puller. There is an additional electro-pneumatic adjustable thread tensioner, integrated second stitch length, electro-pneumatic seam back tacking and sewing foot lift, quick stroke adjustment and integrated sewing light (LED).

As standard, the HM866 comes with an integrated sewing drive with DAC classic control box, OP1000 operating panel and Electronic Needle Positioning (jog dial), with XL barrel hook, motor-driven bobbin winder, adjustable thread tensioner electro-pneumatic sewing foot lift, adjustable zigzag width up to 15mm, adjustable stroke up to 12mm, sewing foot lift in high needle position of 30 mm, high/low needle position, stitch length up to 10mm and a maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute.

Optional features include pneumatic return, second thread tensioner, key combination for intermediate stitching, second stroke height, second stitch length, stitch suppression, integrated sewing light (LED), vortex-type needle cooling, pneumatically adjustable sewing foot pressure, 0-stitch and puller with optional stitch length sensor.


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