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Modular inflatable Tensairity covering

Assigned by Buitink Technology and facilitated by the Platform Creative Industry, the consulting companies ABT BV and Tentech BV designed and engineered a mobile and modular inflatable Tensairity covering for events.
This highly innovative, attractive and new design consists of a number of inflatable beams that support tensioned membranes.

The achieved goal was  to design a new, innovative and attractive tent with a multi functional character, applicable for various purposes. The covering is assembled from separate, connectable elements (inflatable beams, membranes) making a modular system.


The principle of the design is 8 Tensairity-beams with in between tensioned membranes. These Tensairity-elements are arches that support the membranes. Each single Tensairity beam consists of an inflatable tube with three aluminium pressure elements around.  These pressure elements carry the normal forces resulting from the arc force. The inflatable tube prevents the Tensairity-element from bending. The horizontal stability is obtained by the tensioned membranes and the cablesystems.


Covering Applications

This specific design of a Tensairity covering was made - with consultation of the KNHS in Ermelo -  for events in the equestrian and horseback riding sports, but it can also be used as a festival tent or any other (sports)event.

Not only this Tensairity modular system is easy to set up, it also has a unique and special character that will suit high-end events.

Covering Size

The size of this configuration is approximately 90 x 42,5 x 13,4m (L x W x H). This size was determined by the necessary free span of a horseback-riding event covering of 30x60 meters. By scaling the design other sizes can be realized as well.

Project data

Client: Buitink Technology
Design and engineering: Tentech BVen ABT BV
Facilitated by: Platform Creatieve Industrie Midden-Gelderland
Counselor: KNHS Adviseur m.b.t. gebruik voor evenementen in de paardensport

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