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UV-C light transparent applications

1. General

Buitink Technology delivers and processes transparent foils that are UV-C light translucent as well. It opens many possibilities to kill bacteria, viruses or fungi with UV-C light without direct contact between lamp and the media with micro-organisms.

Based on huge know-how and many decades of experience in the application of foils enables Buitink Technology to find a solution for practically any situation in UV-C light transparent flexible foil or plastic. We also offer a complete solution for any your disinfection issue (so the foil combined with UV-C light installation, including all mechanical and construction accessories needed for n optimal project result.

For that we closely collaborate  with Heves Engineering: professionals in the area of UV-C light and disinfection technology with UV-C light. (website Heves Engineering). 

The alternative for UV-C light transparent foils of Buitink Technology is quartz glass. This is very expensive and not available or to be produced custom made or in 3D shapes. Maximum size of quartz glass is limited, while our UV-C transparent foil can be processed in virtually any size to practically any shape required.

Diagram: electromagnetic spectrum


2. UV-C light en disinfection of COVID-19

UVC light is a short wave radiation between 200 and 280 nanometre. UV-C light is harmful for humans (it destroys skin cells), but is extremely suitable for micro-biological disinfection and sterilisation (fungi, bacteria and viruses).

Water and air as well as surfaces can be disinfected with UV-C light. Even microorganisms resistant to chlorine or antibiotics are destroyed with UV-C light.

Disinfection with UV-C light has many advantages, amongst others:

  • It is not harmful to the environment (no toxic or noxious substances are used, UV-C light only attacks micro-organisms, like the Covid-19 virus, the MRSA bacteria, Salmonella bacteria and the E. Coli bacteria);
  • No chemicals are used or;
  • UV-C disinfection solutions require low investment cost and operational cost;
  • UV-C radiation is immediately effective and independent of environment.

3. Cuff or flexible joint

A typical application of Buitink Technology’s UV-C foil is e.g. a cuff, compensator or flexible joint, made out of UV-C light transparent foil.

We can install in an existing situation e.g. a transparent joint in the piping system of an air conditioning unit. A small piece of the piping is replaced by a transparent joint of UV-C foil. At that spot around the transparent UV-C foil one or more UV-C lights can placed.(using a bracket). Flowing air inside the ducts is disinfected (viruses and bacteria are killed).

The UV-C light source does not come into contact with air and so remains clean. The UV-C lamp is protected against harmful vapours or excessive temperatures in the piping.


4. Water tight sleeve

To disinfect liquids a UV-C light source inside a water tight enclosure can be placed in the liquid. E.g. for the treatment of pond water standard types of UV-C pond lights are available in a water tight casing. 

However for specific situations where the standard armatures cannot be applied we have no doubt a dedicated custom made solution for you.  

We can produce custom made water tight UV-C transparent sleeves for any type of UV_C light source or armature. An additional water tight enclosure for the lamp is not needed anymore. You can simply place the sleeve with the light source in the water or liquid to be cleaned, disinfected or to be decontaminated.

Advantages of UV-C sleeves or covers of Buitink Technology:

  • Possible custom made;
  • Practically any shape can be made;
  • No water tight lamp enclosure is needed;
  • Any size of sleeve or cover required can be made
  • Sleeves are made of special UV-C foil, resistant against almost every chemical;
  • The UV-C foil can be used in the food products industry and can be applied in an area where food products are handled;
  • The UV-C foil is resistant against and can even be applied to a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius!

5. Platform/support

In tensioned condition the UV-C foil of Buitink Technology can be used as platform/support during decontamination with UV-C light.

In this way an object to be disinfected (e.g. a mobile phone) is placed on a piece of tensioned UV-C foil. Both sides of the object can be disinfected without turning the object around.



6. Holder for pens and office supplies

The UVC film can also be used as a holder for (small) materials, such as pens, pencils and other office supplies that are used by different people.

By placing the articles in a holder of UVC foil, they can be disinfected in one go (without twisting, moving or shifting). The UVC foil holder can easily be slid into a UVC light box or can be illuminated from above and below by UV-C light.

Because the holder is made entirely of transparent UVC film, there is no shadow effect and therefore there are no spots on the articles where UVC light does not come.

A (pen) holder of UVC foil can be supplied as a sheet, in which the required (oval |) holes are cut as well as the folding lines. Subsequently, the holder can easily be folded into the correct shape.

See also the accompanying photos and the video showing the folding process and use.


7. UV-C disinfection device

Buitink Technology can also develop, manufacture and supply a complete UVC disinfection or sterilisation system. For example, the device below can be used to disinfect or sterilise small objects such as cell phones, laptops, iPads, tablets, pens, scissors, hairdresser’s accessories, keys, etc.

As the platform on which the objects are placed is made of UVC-transparent film, there is no shadow effect and the objects can be sterilised in one go.


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