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BICS test drive

BICS®: screen to use on test drives

Especially for car workshops Buitink Technology developed a BICS® test drive screen to keep driver and passenger separated from each other.

The BICS® test drive screen fits in practically all kinds of cars!

No need to be bolted in

Het BICS® test drive screen does not need to be bolted into the car, but gets its strength and stiffness with a unique and patented inflatable integrated tube.

The test drive screen can mounted easy using a few straps and fixation eyes Above all it's a safe shield!


Flexible materials

We only use soft and flexible materials for our BICS®; it can be detached, removed and folded away manually, quickly and without any tools.

A BICS® car shield can be cleaned with any type of usual cleaning- or disinfectant agent.


Shield in Porsche Carrera


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