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Liners for swimming pools and ponds

Buitink Technology produces waterproof films, liners and membranes for ponds, swimming pools and swimming baths, basins and water reservoirs.

We produce the liners in our own factory, customised to the size you require. Supply us with a simple sketch (possibly even hand drawn) indicating the size that you need and we will send you a cost estimate.

Square/rectangular, round, straight, incorporating a groove, for any depth/height that you require – anything is possible.

folies voor allerlei zwembaden


Production of films, liners and membranes

Our liners are cut, welded and processed using the very latest equipment. View our modern cutter here.

Thanks to our extensive experience with the in-house processing of plastic film, we can fulfil any wishes or requirements you may have: for example we can weld reinforcements into the corners, integrate water inlets, insert flexible flange connections into the liner etc.



Advantages of liners from Buitink Technology

Buitink Technology’s liners for ponds, swimming pools and basins offer the following advantages:

  • Fully customised to the size you require;
  • Our liners are produced quickly and easily in our own factory;
  • The liners are made in Europe and are 100% safe;
  • UV resistant;
  • Capable of withstanding weather conditions;
  • The liners are completely welded (not glued);
  • The film has an antimicrobial surface;
  • The film can withstand all the chemicals commonly used in swimming water (such as chlorine) at temperatures of up to 28 degrees Celsius.

Properties of waterproof film

The special waterproof film that we use has the following properties:

0,8 mm
Weight: 1 kg/ m2
Tensile strength: >= 16 N/ mm2
Tear strength: >= 120 N
Safe for toys: EN 71-3
Waterproofing: 72 h/ 400 kPa EN 1928 B pass
Flexibility: no cracks at temperatures of down to -25 degrees Celsius (EN 495-5)
Resistance to chlorine: >=3, EN 15836 Annex B
Resistance to micro-organisms: weight loss <= 1%; EN ISO 846 D

We will determine whether this is the best choice of material for you depending on the details of your situation. In other cases, we offer plenty of alternatives.


Colors of liners made by Buitink Technology

Liners can be supplied in a variety of colors, including:

  • White
  • Adriatic blue
  • Grey
  • Light blue
  • Sand
  • Turquoise

colors of swimming pool liners


More information

Buitink Technology is a resourceful company with original ideas and ingenious products.

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