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Rotor blade support and lifting bag

Buitink Technology developed a lift- and support cushion especially for rotor blades.

The cushion lifts and supports the rotor blade to make it accessible for inspection, maintenance and repair. Since the blades are made of sandwich composite materials (glass fiber reinforced epoxy), an inflatable cushion is ideal for support, as no point loads will be exerted on the vulnerable surface.

Flat platform cushions

The main cushion is provided with two or three flat platform cushions independently inflated. These cushions make sure that the rotor blade can be positioned left and right, while the rotor blade remains accessible for inspection and/ or repairs.


We deliver lift- and support cushions all over the world

We deliver the cushions within 48 hours all over Europe and even beyond. On request we deliver the expertise for lifting rotor blades .

Technical data rotor blade lifting set

Weight and size of our rotor blade lifting set:

  • Dimensions: length x diameter = 4 x 1,5 m
  • Weight main cilinder tube: 45 kg
  • Weight platform cushions: 25 kg total

Lift capacity

WLL (=Working Load Limit) : 500 mbar

Lift-/ support capacity max by 500 mbar:

height (cm) lift capacity (kg)

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