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Catchbags for small vehicles

Besides catchbags or landing bags for trucks and busses, Buitink Technology also produces mini-catchbags or mini landing bags for smaller vehicles like:

  • cars
  • vans / value transporters
  • ambulances
  • campers
  • caravans

Mini-Catchbags/ mini landing bags

These so called mini-catchbags or mini landing bags take care of a soft landing on recovery of capsized vehicles. It prevents damage and distortion of such vehicles.

Recovery of van with one catchbag
Recovery of van with two catchbags

No lifting power

These mini-catchbags/ mini landing bags have no lifting power. Compressed air is gently released through an air valve. The catchbags/ landing bags are completely separated from the lifting system. Many salvage companies use these catchbags or llanding bags in recovery operations where cranes or other recovery equipment is used

Size of mini-catchbags/ mini landing bags



Protection against chemicals and damage

To protect the catchbags against chemicals and damage, we offer optional heavy-duty protective covers. These covers are made of the same material as the catch bags and lifting bags themselves, but in the color gray. The top of the protective cover is provided with anti-slip material.


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