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Disc-shaped inflatable valve closure

In situations where a pipe must be closed (e.g. during cleaning or filling with smoke) we offer a light weight and compact solution.

Large inflatable tube valve

Below an example of a tube valve of 350 cm. Even this size is easy to transport due to its light weight.


Specific tube valves

We make pipe valves in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Below an example of a semi circular inflatable valve and an inflatable disc to close the manholes of a machine during cleaning. By closing the manholes, it's possible to create a slight vacuum in the machine for de-dusting without dust loss to the air.


Inflatable pipe valve of 150cm

In the attached pictures you see a pipe valve with a diameter of 150cm. The valve can be placed inside the tube through a small man hole and be inflated, sealing the tube. This type of valve can be used e.g. during cleaning operations of the pipe.


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