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ETFE light ceilings Clayton

Buitink Technology designed and delivered  70 ETFE light ceilings for the construction of Clayton Community Center in Surrey (Canada) .

The panels are assembled from translucent light diffuse ETFE foil, tensioned in a frame of aluminum strain profiles. The tensioning mechanism is hidden,  not visible from below. This creates a smooth and attractive design.


Project data:

Number of panels: 70 triangular ETFE ceiling panels
Panel dimension:
2,1 x 2,1 x 2,1 m, including tensioning system         
Material: ETFE foil, white
Client: Clayton Community Center, Surrey, BC
Architect: HCMA Architecture + Design
ETFE light ceiling: Buitink Technology
Year of production:   



Instruction video's

Instruction video mounting ETFE ceiling
Instruction video dissamble and assemble ETFE ceiling


Clayton Community Centre  - 187A Street, Surrey, BC, Canada



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