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Lightweight canopies

Buitink Technology designs, makes and delivers custom-made canopies and tensile structures. These tensile structures are designed to stand permanently and have a very long life span.

Our tensile structures can be used in many situations. Examples where permanent tailor-made tensile structures are used are bus stations, bicycle shelters, amusement parks, playgrounds, public spaces, courtyards, terraces, tennis courts, playing fields, squares, podiums, dry-runs, etc.

A tensile structure provides weather protection (rain, wind, snow, excessive sun), as well as being durable, lightweight and having a modern appearance.

Material: durable and many choices

Depending on your requirements and the location, we select the right material for your tensile structure. We only use materials from renowned European manufacturers, such as Heytex, Serge Ferrari, Mehler, Verseidag and Sioen.

On our site you can find more information about the materials and properties.

Serge Ferrari

The expected lifetime of the materials we use for our canopies is at least 15 years, but there are also materials that last even (much) longer than 25 years.

Where do we deliver?

We deliver our canopies and tensile structures all over the world if required. A tensile structure is compact to transport and relatively very lightweight.

In Belgium and the Netherlands we can also take care of the assembly with our own people. Outside these countries we can provide supervision during assembly. Abroad, we also work with specialized partners who can take care of the assembly.

Because a tensile structure is completely prefabricated, assembly is relatively simple and fast.

Advantages of a Buitink Technology tensile structure

A tensile structure canopy supplied by Buitink Technology has a number of important advantages:

  • Design, production and assembly in-house and by one party;
  • When designing, we take into account local conditions and building requirements, such as wind and snow loads;
  • Custom made;
  • Delivery as a compact prefab package all over the world possible;
  • We assemble with our own people in the Netherlands and Belgium; Outside these countries we can provide assembly supervision;
  • Maintenance and cleaning can also be provided by us, see maintenance & cleaning.

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