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Social Responsible Management

Social Responsible Management is extremely important for Buitink Technology. We contribute by recycling all residual materials from canvas and foil. Residual materials are returned to the supplier where they are reused in their production process.

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Additional info on recycling

  • Find more info on our web page sustainability.
  • There is also additional information on www.texyloop.com and www.vinyloop.com.
  • You can download an article (pdf) hier from the magazine Z&R, number 02 | Issue 16 (703 kB) about texyloop.

Products made of residual materials

A part of our facilities is available for 2 fashion designers who focus on development, design and making products from residual materials like canvas, foil and technical textiles.

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More information is available on:

We make our residual materials also available to support young start-up designers.

People with a handicap

By default we always have one or more colleague's with a mental or physical handicap

Logo-Texyloop.jpg "Our waste materials and by-products are recycled by Texyloop"