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About us

Buitink Technology is specialized in the development, production, delivery and installation of products and turn key solutions where canvas, foil and technical textiles are involved. We focus on area's of construction, architecture, industry and various other markets where our products have added value to the customer.





Creating new and innovative solutions are part of our primary company policy. It's a major part of
our daily business.

Examples are e.g.

  • Mobile impervious floor
  • Lifting cushions
  • Large scale lightning frameworks

There are numerous applications where canvas, foil and/or technical textiles play a major role.

01-bergermeer.jpg 02-balustrade-spanplafond.jpg 03-mobiele-vloer.jpg 04-hefkussens.jpg 05-flextent.jpg 06-wanders.jpg

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Logo-Texyloop.jpg "Our waste materials and by-products are recycled by Texyloop"