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Puncture resistance

Many of the products Buitink Technology develops and manufactures are used in harsh conditions. For example, our products are used in situations where they may come into contact with sharp edges or points, or hard protruding parts.

It is therefore vital that the materials we use have a high degree of puncture resistance. Puncture resistance refers to the ability of a material (usually a sheet, film, fabric or tarpaulin) to prevent a sharp object from penetrating or piercing it.

We use a puncture resistance test to establish how much force it takes to pierce the material with an object whose shape and therefore sharpness is fixed.

Puncture resistance

High puncture resistance, for example, is crucial to the following products that we develop and manufacture:

We also put the materials we use for these products through extensive puncture-resistance testing. We then often compare the results of tests with those of competing products. See, for example, the following film of a puncture test.

All tests in-house

All these tests are carried out in-house using our own measuring equipment:

At Buitink Technology, quality and quality management are paramount. Our organisation is geared to ensure the quality of our products and work.

This includes the studying and testing of products and their components to ensure that they meet the set requirements and expectations.

Example of puncture test values



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