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Leak detection and control

Buitink Technology develops and produces inflatable products and applications, such as buoyancy cushions, lifting cushions and (chimney) valves.

Depending on the product, the application and the situation, requirements are set for air or gas tightness. To meet these requirements, Buitink Technology has the know-how and the equipment to test the gas-tightness and to record this (per product) according to a protocol.

In addition, we regularly carry out research into the gas density of different materials and the welding and gluing joints, reinforcements and other connections with the material (such as a flange, pressure relief valve, air connection, etc.).

Testing with inflatable buoyancy cushions

In the production of buoyancy cushions, for example, we follow the recommendations of IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association). More information on IMCA can be found here.

An example of how we determine and record the air density of an inflatable can be found here:

Leakage control procedure

Leak detection and control

In addition to determining whether a product is leaking or losing gas, it is also important to know how much leakage is occurring and where it is located. We usually do this with the help of hydrogen gas and a hydrogen detector.

In the video below you can see how that works:

Leak detection and control

Further information on gas leak detection can be found in the PDFs below:

Facts about hydrogen and helium

Hydrogen as tracer gas 1

Hydrogen as tracer gas 2

Quality and quality control

At Buitink Technology, quality and quality control are paramount. Our organization is designed to ensure the quality of our products and activities.

This includes the research and testing of products and parts thereof, to ensure that they meet the set requirements and expectations.

Detecting leaks with a hydrogen sniffer/leak detector

Soapy water test to detect leakage

Soapy water test to detect leakage


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