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Heavy-duty zip fasteners

At Buitink Technology, quality and quality management are paramount. Our organisation is geared to ensure the quality of our products and work.

This includes the studying and testing of products and their components to ensure that they meet the set requirements and expectations.

Zips for the toughest environmental conditions

We use heavy-duty zip fasteners in some of the products we manufacture; for example, insulation covers and flotation systems. Our heavy-duty zips are designed for use in the harshest of environmental conditions: frost, snow, water, humid locations, saltwater, dirty seawater etc.

Load testing of zips

When establishing the strength of a heavy-duty zip fastener, we not only test the strength of the actual zip mechanism, we also examine the way it is attached and incorporated into the end product, as well as how it is loaded.

We carry out this testing in-house. Below, you can see the photos and test results of one such heavy-duty zip that has been welded to a TPU-coated membrane.

Heavy duty rits met TPU gecoat membraan

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