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Dynamic test chimney valve

Buitink Technology develops and produces inflatable products and applications, such as heat-resistant inflatable chimney valves that provide CO2 reduction.

When not in use, the chimney valve is deflated and stretched flat against the chimney wall, so that the chimney opening is as large as possible for the removal of flue gases.


Dynamische test schoorsteenafsluiter, dicht

Chimney sealed:
to prevent heat loss

Dynamische test schoorsteenafsluiter, open

Chimney open for use:
removal of combustion gases

Smoke Exhaust

These flue gases sometimes reach speeds of 50 mph in the chimney. It is important to know and establish that the chimney valves will not vibrate, rattle and/or move before they are installed at great height in an industrial chimney.

Testing and test setup

To be able to test this, we built a part of a chimney wall and mounted a chimney valve in it. We then drove this test rig at different speeds to observe and record its behavior under wind load.

Conclusion: the guying system works perfectly, even at wind speeds up to 70 mph.

Quality and quality control

At Buitink Technology, quality and quality control are paramount. Our organization is set up to guarantee the quality of our products and activities.

This includes the research and testing of products and their components, to ensure that they meet the set requirements and expectations.


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