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Pull and pressure facility 2.5 kN

Buitink Technology has a pull and push bench that can pull or push up to 2.5 kN / 250 kg and is therefore very accurate in the low force range.

We use this tensile tester to support our own research and development of products and materials. The tensile tester is also used to carry out project-based weld seam tests to guarantee good and constant quality. We also carry out pressure and tensile tests for third parties on request.

Since this tensile machine has a limited pulling force (up to 250 kg), we mainly use it for testing foils and welds in foils.

Renting a pull bench

facility This facility is also available for rent (including operation by one of our employees). We cannot provide official test reports or certificates, but we can assist you quickly and at attractive rates to test your product or prototypes for strength - for example during your development process - before having them finally approved or certified.

We have standard clamps available for foils and cloths and for performing tensile tests.

  • Clamping jaws rubber 50 mm
  • clamping jaws smooth metal 50 mm
  • Clamping jaws pyramid structure 50 mm

In addition, there are numerous other clamps available for our tensile testing machine and we can also manufacture a specific clamp / holder for your product or test situation (or you can manufacture it yourself).

Example pull test

Material type: ETFE 300mu
Test Type: Trek
Testdate: 21-3-2019 12:11
Testspeed: 200,000 mm/min
Pre-tensioning: Uit
Thickness: 0,300 mm
Sample Length: 80,000 mm

Voorbeeld trektest


All specifications of this tensile and pressure bench can be viewed in the pdf below.



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