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Purpose of the test

The Ocean Cleanup foundation set a number of objectives  for the tests with the North Sea prototype 2 and 3 to be carried out  in the North Sea.

Main purpose is to test the strength and robustness in practice of the screens and its connection to the HDPE tube The North Sea is a rough environment with a lot of wave motion. It provides maximum force to the screen and tube system. If it resists the North Sea environment it will last in all other sea area's as well.


Opposite is shown a screen provided with anti-fouling. Functioning and adhesion of the anti-fouling on the flexible screen is tested during floating Prototype 2 and 3 in the North Sea.

There are various wayś to design, assemble and connect the screens to the HDPE tube. Different methods have been applied in the North Sea Prototypes 2 and 3 in connecting the screens to the tube and inter connecting the parts through quick-links en heavy duty zippers. Tests in the North Sea will prove whether these methods are adequate. Methods and designs will be evaluated to be most easy, fast and simple with respect to mounting, assembling, inter connecting and remove from the water.

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