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Flying Whales

As an international specialist in the joining/welding of foils and (coated) technical textiles, Buitink Technology was commissioned by Flying Whales in France to research possible joining methods of various, specially developed foils and coated fabrics. These were selected for the helium gas cells and the outer skin of the zeppelin.

For more information on the zeppelin, see website Flying Whales.

Research, testing and evaluation

Due to confidentiality, we cannot share substantive details and results. However, we can share that we:

  • have extensively investigated the different possible joining and welding methods;
  • evaluated the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the selected material;
  • conducted a series of welding trials and tests to analyse strength and elongation behaviour.

Welding and joining techniques fabric

At Buitink Technology, we have in-house access to virtually all welding and joining techniques for sailcloth, foils and technical textiles.

Own testing equipment

We also have in-house testing equipment, such as tensile testing benches:

Tensile strength for welding seams

Example execution test to analyze strength and elongation behavior.

Test setups

In addition, we have extensive experience in designing and building our own test rigs, which allow us to perform specific, practical and pragmatic tests.

More information

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