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Market square canopy 2

We received the following enquiry from the client:

“Our municipality is in the process of redesigning a market square. During the design process, someone came up with the idea of constructing a demountable tent canopy - with fixed poles and integrated lighting - on the square.

It must be possible for our people to hang the canopy cloth without the need for special equipment. Furthermore, it must be possible for two people to erect or dismantle the cloths in the space of a few hours so it would be cost-effective even if the canopy was only to be put up for a one-day event.”

In response to this enquiry, we visited the location and created a design based on our findings.

You can see the design and the results of it below.

Ontwerp overkapping marktplein

Design criteria

The principle behind the tent structure was that it must be possible for the municipality’s own people to erect and dismantle it by hand without the need for a crane, AWPs or other heavy equipment.

In addition, we had to allow for a movable stage measuring 10x10 metres, which it must be possible to place beneath the canopy.

To keep the membranes (cloths) manageable and add some versatility to the structure, we based the design around two separate membranes. These can be put up and used together or individually.

Ontwerp visualisatie

Integrated hoisting mechanisms

We decided to use a number of fixed, permanent masts with built-in hoisting mechanisms so that the canopy could be erected and dismantled quickly and easily by hand.

When the canopy is not in use, the four corner masts and the central mast remain in place. The five masts are permanently interconnected by stainless steel cable systems

The five masts are equipped with hoisting mechanisms, which are enclosed in removable and lockable, vandal-proof stainless steel cabinets when assembly or dismantling is complete.

Tent structure assembly

When the tent structure is assembled, the four permanent corner masts are braced with aluminium tubes (two aluminium tubes per corner pole) to take up the tension from the membranes. We chose aluminium tubes instead of steel cables so that they could be fitted from the ground (steel cables would need to be secured at the top, which would require the use of an AWP, a ladder or suchlike).

In addition, there are four lightweight aluminium intermediate masts. These are secured using mounting brackets and braced by galvanised steel cables.

Montage van de tentconstructie

Erection is then carried out by winding up the cloth winches on the five permanent masts. This causes the four temporary, removable masts to be raised automatically and move into the correct position.

Printing on tent structure

As an optional extra, a pattern or image can be printed on the membranes. Artists (local or otherwise) or schools could be asked to come up with a design. The cost of printing on the membranes is not included in this price list.

Tent structure dimensions

Afmetingen tentconstructie

Foundation plan piles

Funderingsplan palen

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