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Inflatable demountable canopy

The design and engineering brief went as follows:

"We are looking for a universal demountable canopy for swimming pools on superyachts, which can also be used at other locations (e.g. over hotel swimming pools).

Although the canopy does not need to be able to cope with a snow load, it must able to withstand high winds/storms.

The entire canopy must be easy to dismantle, remove and store away as compactly as possible. Its weight needs to be kept to a minimum."

In response to this enquiry, we came up with a concept, produced a design and made structural calculations.

The design

The design consists of inflatable arches that function as a supporting structure for the canopy. A membrane can be stretched over these inflatable, cigar-shaped arches to provide shelter from rain, wind and other weather conditions.

Assembly is simple: the inflatable tubes are hung in place, after which the membrane can be pulled over them and secured all around. An edge structure on which the inflatable roof can be laid needs to be in place already or constructed.

The inflatable tubes can remain in place in all weather conditions, including snow. A lightweight membrane is stretched over the inflatable tubes and secured to them.

The inflatable tubes are connected to an air system that measures the pressure and keeps the tubes correctly inflated so they meet structural requirements.

We have wide-ranging experience in the structural use of inflatable elements, an example of which is the Wave Dubuisson project.

Development and engineering

All parts of the canopy (tubes and membrane) are made of soft, flexible materials that can be rolled up or folded away very compactly after dismantling. Not only is the canopy very compact when folded up, it is also very lightweight, which means it is ideal for use as a seasonal canopy!

Uitwerking en engineering opblaasbare overkapping

Krachten op overkapping

Analysis of the horizontal and vertical forces that the inflatable canopy exerts on its supporting edge structure.

Krachten op buis

Analysis of the forces and stresses acting on the inflatable tubes that support the canopy.

Canopy installed at a hotel


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