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Roof and sidewall materials

3.1 Roof membrane

The standard roof membrane is made of a top-quality fabric manufactured by Serge Ferrari: the Flexlight 1002-S2.

You can find the specifications of the 1002-S2 by clicking on the link below:


Alternatively, you can choose the top-of-the-range membrane fabrics that come with a 25-year guarantee: the Flexlight Xtrem TX30 by Serge Ferrari.

You can find the specifications of the TX30 by clicking on the link below:


3.2 Sidewalls

The Buitink Technology sports court canopy can be fitted with removable or permanent sidewalls in all possible types of fabric and sheeting: closed tarpaulin, in any color you like, translucent or non-translucent, fully transparent (even allowing the transmission of UV light!), mesh to create shade or to offer protection against the rain, printed fabric in full color, etc.

Click on the following link to see examples of the many different materials we offer:

3.2.1 Dense tarpaulin


3.2.2 Mesh fabric

Wind-breaking, shading and keeps rainfall out.




3.2.3 Transparent ETFE sheeting

3.3 Printing of sidewalls

The sidewalls can also be partially or fully printed in full color, so your canopy can be completely geared to the surroundings and your personal taste!

For more information on the premium quality full-color printing technology:


3.4 Structure

The structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Two coats of powder coating in the color of your choosing can be applied as an option.

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