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Ideal playing area

Do you wish you could play outdoor sports while being protected from rain or sunshine? Well, now you can with Buitink Technology’s Sports Court Canopy. Basketball, volleyball, badminton and handball are just a few of the sports that are usually played indoors. However, they can also be moved outdoors, especially if the court can be covered by our Buitink Technology Sports Court Canopy.

Many local authorities suffer from a shortage of indoor sports facilities, which means that clubs often have to schedule their matches and training sessions at the oddest of times.

One solution to this is to fit outdoor sports fields with a canopy allowing much greater scheduling flexibility and enabling lots of many athletes to play comfortably outdoors yet under cover all year round.

Canopy over the sports court

Even though tennis and padel are sports that people often play outdoors, extreme weather means the conditions are not always optimal. Increasingly hot summers mean there is more of a call for shade, and if it’s raining heavily, a canopy over the sports court is very welcome. The dimensions of the Buitink Technology Sports Court Canopy can be adapted to suit the sport that is played beneath it. The option of closing off the sidewalls offers even greater protection.

The Buitink Technology Sports Court Canopy is a 100% Dutch product, having been developed and manufactured in Duiven. Thanks to its modular structure, the canopy can easily be shipped anywhere in the world in two 40-foot containers. It can be erected on-site by a local contractor, and our assembly experts can be called upon to oversee the operation if required.


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