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FAQ on Playing Field Canopy

Can this type of canopy remain in place all year round?

The Sports Court Canopy is designed to withstand all weather conditions that would usually be found at the site. The structure of the canopy is calculated to take account of all the forces that rain, wind and snow may exert on it. It can therefore be left in place in all seasons.

What arrangements do I need to make before installing the canopy?

It is essential to construct sound foundations on which to erect and anchor the canopy’s uprights. We provide the technical information which will enable the contractor to determine and calculate the correct foundations. The construction of the foundations is outside our scope of activity and quotation.

Can the sports field below the canopy also be used at night?

By fitting light fittings in the ridge and/or on the profiles as an option, it is possible to create sufficient and evenly distributed floodlighting, so that sports activities can continue late into the evening. Consequently, sports clubs can put their facilities to many more hours of use.

Can the sidewalls be closed off?

Sidewalls can be fitted on request to provide more shelter from wind or driving rain. The sidewalls can be dismantled and, depending on the situation and requirements, they can be hung in segments. Sidewalls can of course also be fitted with doors and windows.

Can the canopy be printed?

The printing of advertising messages or logos onto the membrane fabric or sidewalls is certainly possible. Full-color printing and up to 10-year no fade guarantee on the colors can give the canopy a great aesthetic or give sponsors the opportunity of communicating their advertising message to the neighborhood.

Does the canopy meet all safety requirements?

It is important that sports can be played safely under the canopy. The construction and materials are designed and selected to meet internationally applicable safety and fire standards.

Can several canopies be linked together?

If several neighboring playing fields have to be covered, the canopy can be built in a modular fashion and linked to a second one. Our technical engineering team can develop any specific solution into one that can cover larger areas.

Is the canopy easy to dismantle?

The canopy is constructed of membrane fabrics stretched over a metal frame. These elements can all be easily dismantled and stored and, if necessary, they can be transported elsewhere in two 40-foot containers. This is also the reason why our canopies can be shipped and erected anywhere in the world.

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