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1. Infinite possibilities

Thanks to the modular structure, you can choose how many modules you want.

POV mogelijkheden

2. Easy to personalise

Because printed cloth is used, you can choose which colour and/or pattern you want to have. Our printer offers a 10 year guarantee on top quality prints. For more inspiration, click below:

Easy to personalise

3. Easy to transport

The parts of the POV® can be transported with a standard truck or in a 40 ft. container.

POV transport visualisatie

4. Easy to install

Our accommodations are easy to place using a forklift truck. Because the POV®is equipped with adjustable feet, it is easy to level the POV®. All pipes are integrated in the POV®.The sanitary module is equipped with simple connection options.

POV installeren

5. Suitable for all seasons

The high insulation values of the POV® enable you to enjoy a pleasant climate all year round.

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