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POV Roof tent

The second skin of the POV® is mounted and tensioned within a frame work of extruded aluminum profiles, specially developed for the POV®.

These profiles not only are able to absorb  pressures and forces trough wind and snow-fall (for all windy area's in Holland!) but also enable additional facilities to be mounted on and supported by the POV®.

One or more roof tents

As an example one or several  roof-tents can be mounted on the POV®. It's a matter of mounting a few additional clamps to the profiles of the POV®, to connect the roof-tent.

In this way any on the market  available roof-tent can be installed onto the POV®.

Nice and exciting for the kid's or for visitors to sleep during the night.

The POV® not only becomes a super comfortable and relaxing "base camp" for parents, but also a nice and adventurous environment for kids.


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