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POV anchoring and foundations

Designed for any location or weather conditions

The (double curved) exterior shell of the POV® is a completely free-standing structure and is therefore ideal as a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent canopy, for example for a schoolyard, cafe terrace or public space.

The POV® canopy is designed to be able to remain in place permanently (withstanding snow and wind), but is also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it suitable as a temporary or semi-permanent canopy too.


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Standards for POV® canopies

We can determine the right kind of anchoring/foundation for you, depending on the geographical location and position, the situation and the use of the POV® canopy (temporary, semi-permanent or permanent).

Normally we calculate the structure and foundation required on the basis of the following Eurocode standards (tailored to the specific European country in question):

  • NEN-EN 1990 Eurocode, Basis of structural design
  • NEN-EN 1993 Eurocode 3, Design of steel structures
  • NEN-EN 1999 Eurocode 9, Design of aluminum structures
  • DIN-EN 13782 Temporary structure – Tents – Safety

However, we can also calculate anchoring/foundation requirements in accordance with your own local standards, regulations, wind speeds and snowfall.

Below we explain a number of foundation principles for determining the anchoring needed for the POV® canopy.

1. Foundation using anchor pins: temporary and semi-permanent

Anchor pins, anchoring pins or tent pins are commonly used to anchor tents and temporary structures for festivals. These pins are a useful way of anchoring a POV® canopy that is going to be used on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

The pictures above show a foundation made from plates and anchor pins.

The advantage of a foundation using anchor pins is that it can be assembled and removed quickly and easily. However, the surface below must be suitable. An anchor pin is usually 100cm long and 2.5cm in diameter and is driven 90cm into the ground.

We can calculate and determine the anchoring plan needed for your situation, supply the anchor plates and pins, and assemble the foundation on site if you so wish.

2. Foundation using ground screws: temporary, semi-permanent or permanent

If the POV® canopy is to be installed on a temporary, semi-permanent or even permanent basis, then ground screws are an option. These anchors are screwed into the ground using tools or machinery and the POV® canopy’s base plates are then bolted onto them using batten plates.

The pictures above show a foundation using ground screws

The advantage of using ground screws is that this is an extremely clean method. There is no need to dig a big hole or to shift cement. A foundation using ground screws is also complete as soon as the ground screws have been screwed into place (there is no need to allow any curing time).

The drawback is that it offers less precision and there is a risk of encountering obstacles in the ground that require ground screws to be placed elsewhere.

Ground screws can be purchased from suppliers such as Krinner. The following video shows how a foundation using ground screws is assembled:

3. Foundation using Stelcon plates: temporary and semi-permanent

If you want to use a POV® canopy on a temporary or semi-permanent basis, you can also use Stelcon plates (or precast concrete plates) as a foundation, for example if the ground beneath the structure is too hard or unsuitable for anchor pins or ground screws. In that case the base plates for the POV® canopy will be mounted onto screw studs/concrete anchors that are drilled and/or glued into the Stelcon plates.

The pictures above show a foundation using Stelcon plates

4. Foundation using concrete blocks: semi-permanent or permanent

Concrete blocks can be used as the foundation for the POV® canopy if it is being placed on a permanent basis. These blocks can be made from precast concrete, but it will often be easier to pour concrete on site. Buitink Technology can calculate the foundation that you need and supply an implementation plan. We can also supply mesh houses with screw studs or anchor hooks and mounting plates, which can be placed in the poured concrete.

The pictures above show a foundation using concrete blocks

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