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Tensioned membrane Rabo Earth Walk Pavilion

Buitink Technology got an assignment from Tinker Imagineers to deliver and install a shell for Rabo Earth Walk Pavilion. The Rabo Earth Walk Pavilion is the contribution of Rabo Bank to Floriade 2012.

The Rabo Pavilion - a hemisphere with a diameter of about 20 meters - is equipped by Buitink Technology with a stretched skin with a print of the earth. Surface area of the shell: about 600 m².

Project data:

Material: Ferrari FT381
Design: Tinker Imagineers
Client: Rabo Bank
Client Buitink: Tinker Imagineers
Stretched skin: Buitink technology, Duiven
Print: Buitink technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2012


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