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Roof and curtains Camper pavilion

On behalf of Kubik in Amsterdam Buitink Technology realized a so called "tensed high point membrane" for the Camper Pavilion of the Volvo Ocean Race event 2011. This project involved a floating pole construction and a sliding curtain system, which can be dismantled.

The pavilion is designed by Shigeru Ban. It is completely erected from 60 paper tubes and has a diameter of 16m. The roof of the pavilion is made of a tensed membrane, tensioned through a floating pole, positioned by steel cables.

Sliding curtains

In order to close the circular pavilion Buitink Technology delivered and installed a sliding curtain system, hooked up to a circular beam.

Project data

Material: Ferrari 1002 en 502
Client: Kubik, Amsterdam
Design: Shigeru Ban
Engineering: Tentech BV, Utrecht
Membranes: Buitink technology, Duiven
Year of implementation: 2011


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