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Multifunctional and adaptable

The MTC is multi-functional and can be adapted to suit the location, climate and weather conditions or season.

On nice days, you can easily take down the mesh fabric sidewalls. Instead of mesh fabric sidewalls, you can also choose non-porous, transparent side walls made of ETFE sheeting. If the weather is about to turn chilly, then you can install insulated panels on the MTC or hang insulated membranes on the structure and heat the spaces. If you want to cut down or prevent noise pollution in the surrounding area, then you can opt for our sound-insulating flexible membranes.

If you intend to grow plants, vegetables or tropical crops in the MTC, then select a canopy and side walls made of ETFE film, which gives 95% light transmission.

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Do you have a specific application in mind?

If you have another specific application in mind for your MTC, then please contact us so we can share some ideas with you.


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