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Flexible materials

The Buitink Technology MTC can be fitted with all possible types of fabric and sheeting: densely woven sailcloth, in any color you like, translucent or non-translucent, fully transparent (even allowing the transmission of UV radiation!), mesh to create shade or to offer protection against the rain, printed fabric in full color, etc.

There is a perfect outer shell for your Mobile Textile Canopy, whatever the situation! Click on the following links to see examples of the many different materials we offer:

Densely-woven sailcloth

Soltis Proof 502

Mesh fabric (provides protection from wind and sun, and blocks direct rainfall)

Frontside View 381

Soltis Horizon 86

Soltis Perform 92

Transparent ETFE sheeting

ETFE foil



Full-color printing

The skin of an MTC can also be partially or fully printed in full color so that your canopy can be designed to suit its surroundings and your personal taste!

For more information on the premium quality full-color printing technology that can be used for MTC fabric skin:


Choice of frame color

The robust aluminum MTC frame can be coated or anodized in any color.


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